You think you know yourself…

I started out the day convinced that I knew what I wanted to do. I would take advantage of my boss’s offer and work part-time from home. And then…

Spoke to a dear friend, a family member and a complete stranger, and they all had the same advice: if you have the opportunity to take a break from work to pursue your dream career, take it.

That certainly puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

I have been asked to draft a Pros and Cons list of quitting for a year. Here is my attempt at putting everything on the table.


  • I get the opportunity to work on my business ideas. Self-fulfillment!
  • I get to raise my kid
  • I get time at home to tackle long-ignored house projects (perfectly organized basement anyone?)
  • Potential to make more money by focusing on my business ideas, and perhaps not have to go back to work at all
  • Full schedule flexibility


  • Think it was hard to go back after 4 months? It will be 3x harder to go back after 12.
  • I lose out on the stock options at my job
  • No income means watching our expenses and being frugal
  • Feeling like I gave up and I’m taking the “easy” way out. Feeling lazy. Like a failure.
  • Potentially spending a lot of time alone at home.

Got some things to figure out.


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