Someone please tell me what to do

I have been back at work for 3 days. Last two from home. My boss has told me they are open to me working from home and also part-time. Sounds like a good deal.

The problems: my brain is mush. I am having trouble concentrating and mustering the stamina to even ask the right questions. Also, nothing at my job seems remotely important in comparison to taking care of my family. And to top it all off, my family (particularly on my husband’s side, including the husband himself) wants me to stop working for a year, and “try again” later. Sounds like a mighty sexy idea right about now.

I called up my new therapist and asked to move up our appointment to tomorrow. To my surprise, we could make it work, so I’ll get to hash some things out there.

If I quit, I’m sure I could find a job later, but most likely it would not be part-time from home, and most lilely it will only be peripherally related to my field. Quitting also means less income, so which puts our international ttavel plans at risk in 2018.

Staying means giving it some time to become acclimated to the role, the new people, the job situation and takw full advantage of a part-time work from home arrangement at a place where I have several thousand shares in options to wait for.

Everything points to sticking it out.

But life is so short. And my baby won’t be this young forever.

Sigh. Conundrum.


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