Day 1

Happy New Year.

I want this year to be different.

I want to prove something. I want to shape my life around my needs, rather than push my needs aside because my life structure dictates so.

By the end of 2018 I would like to:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Feel like I am definitely an important positive part of my children’s life experience
  • Feel like myself again, physically
  • Keep my marriage at the top of the priority list
  • Keep a healthy perspective on the dramas in life
  • Be part of a local entrepreneurial community

It’s day 1. Blank slate. Time to start.



  • In the news: Donald Trump tweets about Global Warming being fake because it’s cold outside in the winter time. Stupid.
  • Celebritues we are all talking about: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (latter is divorced!), and Kevin Spacey (movie All the Money in the World reshot his scenes with Christopher Plummer. Wow.
  • My personal drama: relatives saying not-so-nice things about gay people, and me standing up to them even in front of guests. Oy. Also, sister mad because I think it’s stupid to get emotional at midnight on Jan 1st.

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