Stream of consciousness at work

I don’t know. I don’t want to be here right now. Maybe it’s the fact he wouldn’t help me carry the waters. Maybe it’s the fact that mami wants to use uber for someone else and I don’t have the answer. Maybe it’s the fact that my computer keeps crapping out and I don’t have any good options and I feel helpless because I don’t know what I’m looking at when you try to build a computer. Maybe it’s the fact that we keep getting called into the Principal’s office with John. Maybe it’s the fact that the culture in this company is getting militarized. Maybe it’s the fact that Gregory’s ears were hurting him. Maybe it’s that stupid article saying that I can’t have it all. Maybe it’s the fact that Steve was in a good mood and wanted to talk to me for the first time ever and I couldn’t do it.
I should feel happy that I caught up on all the nutshell work. I should be happy that PIF is going so well and helping the business folks. I should be happy that I have mostly kept my weight in check. I should be happy that Gregory is such a good boy and loves everything so much. I should be happy that Daniel is coming next week and spending time with us. I should be happy.
I wish I could go to the bathroom.
I wish food made everything better.
I wish I weren’t so damn sensitive to everything.
I’m not really mad or anything… I’m just not hyper happy. Mostly I’m mad about the water thing.
Ok. Now I’m just hungry.
I don’t know how much longer that is going to last…
What should I do when I get back to my desk? Reports time? 1.8 beefing?
Maybe I could listen to his talk and still charge it back? I don’t know. Let’s look at the Communications tab.
I want to go home, get under a blanket, get a big TV in our bedroom, and watch politics all night.

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