Kicking off the new year

I’m at a cafe on a Saturday night. Husband insisted I left the house and created a plan. He says that I get depressed when I don’t have a plan, and it’s good for nobody. So here I am. Trying to come up with a plan.

The problem is that I feel like I was here last year. I created a plan. I did not follow through with it, so I felt like I come up with plans but the just drop them. It’s very discouraging for my Type A self when my Type B self wins out.

The problem is that I need inspiration. It usually comes pouring out of me when I come up with an idea or I listen to an audio book, or watch an inspirational movie. It usually comes from the outside. There are times I have listend to someone speak, and I can’t handle how much it is inspiring me to just get up off my butt and DO SOMETHING.

My problem is not having role models or a community with which to make these plans. If I am a podcaster, I really need podcaster friends. If I want to own my town in terms of small business websites, I need to get out there and meet people. I don’t have time to meet people.


Anyways. What do I want to do this year? I have a few goals that are at the top of the list.

I’m scared. I’m dead afraid of ending up not having anything to show for it. I need to have a way to track my accomplishments and reward myself for them. I would love for my projects to make money. That would be nice.

How can I do that? A Trello board won’t do. It’s not visible enough. I’ve played with the idea of having a spot on the third floor where I can have a whiteboard and corkboard to hang things from that encourage and inspire me. But I never go up there.

Suppose I do that, and I have a great accomplishment for each month that passes by. Am I going to end up feeling the way I feel right now? Like a whole year passed, and things happened, and I’m in the same spot as I was before? What do I want? What do I need? I want something to change. I need something to be different at the end of the year. Is it a higher income? Is that what I’m after? Because if that’s the case, all I have to do is wait for my year end bonus. It’s not a goal.

Maybe we can have one goal, and the rest is gravy. One focused goal. Just one:

Create an additional source of income

Is that it? There are several ways to do this. Everything else will be gravy. I’ll be doing it for fun or as a hobbie.

There are different ways to do this. Capitalize on the upcoming election to have an elections-focused podcast? Get into the political scene in my town? Interview those people? I don’t know.

Podcast sponsorships seem like a lot of work.

I have ideas for 2 more podcasts, but editing them takes so much time. I really don’t think I should devote the time to podcasts until I have finished the restaurant website. Maybe I should block out Saturday afternoons to just work on the Samba site. Or maybe I should realize there isn’t that much to do and buckle down and do it at 8pm when the baby goes down.

Anyways, none of this is a new source of income.

Selling things online?…. Providing a service online?…. MAKING AN APP!!! I almost forgot about that!

I also have a skill for making little movies… I wonder if I could get into the wedding market. It would probably be comparable to a website, though. How much are wedding videos? (quick search revealed they are between $2K and $5K. That includes camarographer fees, though. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I can make that kind of money sticking to what I already know, and get support $ afterwards.

OK. Let’s reserve some time to finish the restaurant site, and then we’ll move onto making the app. I have 2 ideas for apps. One which would help me ramp up with the technology, and another one which would help me with my goals.

I’m getting cold and tired.

I’m also going to need help capitalizing on my skills and talents. Need to figure out what those are and see what I can do to put them out there. Seems like making websites is a no-brainer. Maybe I should put out mailers and see if I can get new clients, and just keep that going.

I’d also like to do something new. Podcast and Website has been done before. App will be new. What else would be new? What about those places where you go bounce on trampolines to work out? I don’t know. We already have a treadmill and I hate working out.

Always look for an unquestioned habit. What is something that I already do and like doing, but don’t think about the monetization part of it? Well, I have spoken about my home birth experience and people seem to like it. I have thought about writing an article about it, but I’m not really “all in.” I’d love to write a book, but again, it’s not something I already do and like to do.

I enjoy traveling to new places. Maybe we could make it a point to travel more this year? See new places around our own area? We never go camping or hiking or anything like that. I think we should. There are so many beautiful places around us. We could go visit our friends in upstate New York and see the Finger Lakes or Lake George. We could go to Portland, ME. Go down to New York City just for the heck of it. We could do these things. Finally go to Provincetown, even if it’s just for the day. Or Martha’s Vineyard. Go to RI and visit family. We should do more of this. Ok. Consider it done.

Stay in touch with friends. See them more. Do at least one thing with friends a month.

OK, now we are talking…

Frequency Feeling wanted at the end of the year Action
Monthly I’m in touch with my friends Reach out, meet up
Weekly I’m in touch with my family Reach out, meet up or talk about how things are going
Weekly I have a podcast audience Post podcasts
Weekly I have added a new source of income Set time aside to work on mobile apps
Daily I am in good standing with my websites Finish the website I need to finish, stay on top of backups and communication.
Chunk of time, a few months I have done everything I can about our business Finish our sushi site


I think that once I’m done with restaurant and sushi sites it will be time to start getting more clients locally. I’ll reach out to my community and see what’s out there.

I think I got a good plan now. I have focus on finishing the sushi site so that I can get that off my plate and start working on sushi. Yeah! Let’s do it.

Now, how do I track these goals? I need to have a visible “progress bar” going on… Maybe I can look for ideas when I go to Barnes & Noble with sister tomorrow. See? Already cashing in those family contact points!

I think it’s time to go back home and give my husband the great news that I won’t be depressed for a little while!!!


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