Rescue Bots – Theme song lyrics

Gregory has been obsessed with Rescue Bots for a whole year at this point, and it’s actually a pretty good show.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, Rescue Bots are transformers who transform into a fire truck (Heat Wave), a police car (Chase), a bulldozer (Boulder) and a helicopter (Blades). Whoever came up with this idea knew EXACTLY what 2-3 year olds would LOVE. It is GENIUS. Not to mention the entire collection of merch they have been able to get kids to “need.” I have been a victim of commercialization in this regard, and they are Gregory’s favorite toys. Most recently they came up with DINOBOTS – the same characters now transform into dinosaurs. There is no end to the marketing genius of these ideas!!!

For a while I’ve been coasting singing the theme song, but today I said NO MORE. I will learn these words! So, here they are in their pure glory.

A routine patrol with four Bots in stasis
Years later awoke in the strangest of places
Earth was their home now and in addition
Optimus Prime gave them this mission:

โ€˜Learn from the humans, serve and protect,
Live in their world, earn their respect.
A family of heroes will be your allies,
To others remain robots in disguise.โ€™

Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue,
Humans in need, heroes indeed,
Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue,
Rescue Bots.

With Cody to guide them and show them the way,
Rescue Bots will be saving the day.

Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue, Rescue Bots.




2 comments on “Rescue Bots – Theme song lyrics
  1. Tera Smith says:

    Good Lord! Thank you so much for this because I’ve been unabl e to sleep with portions of this song running through my head. This has saved me and possibly redeemed me in the eyes of my two little boys. Haha!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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