4amWoke up at 4:03 am. Didn’t even want to stay in bed (that’s very different for me), so I came downstairs, started the dishwasher, attempted to make hot cocoa from a Hershey’s 100% cocoa box I bought yesterday (#fail), and now I’m writing this tiny blog.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the computer right now, I just want to PLAN. I was listening to a very good podcast by the guys from Cracked.com titled Why your brain is sabotaging you again, and it is possibly the most inspirational podcast I have ever listened to. It really gets you off your bum because it makes you face the reality that you probably spend your time doing EXACTLY what you want to do, and carving out time to do other things is REALLY HARD. It also sheds light on the fact that your dreams for your own future lay on what you do about it TODAY. A recent college grad would laugh in your face if you asked them what their retirement plan was, and an aspiring writer would come up with a million excuses why they can’t get any writing today or this week or this month even though all it takes is a page a day. It’s really remarkable logic and it makes you want to challenge it.

I just spent the past half an hour reading articles on Cracked while I was trying to find the link to the episode I just referenced. Not a great way to start this roll of newfound time to do things for my future… but hey, you gotta start somewhere. So I’m going to stop writing this silly post, and just say it: LISTEN TO THAT PODCAST. It will be much better than anything I write here for you, and it will give me my time back so I can get to my future evil plans 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday everyone. Maybe I should go make some breakfast. I’m so hungry.


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