I used to have a uJournal

Once upon a time, back when blogs were used as personal diaries rather than news articles, I used to have a uJournal account. Nobody knew I had it, so there was no pressure to please or worries about what people would think. Some other ujournalers would stumble upon it serendipitously and write comments on posts, and I made some new friends. It was a safe space. I would blog daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Truth is… I miss it.

Every moment of the day I think of things to blog about. I want to talk, share, say everything that is on my mind ALL THE TIME. Some people use Facebook for that, some people use Twitter… and I used to be one of them. After I closed down my uJournal account I turned to Facebook to post everything I could think of. But then I got shy. I started looking in and came to the conclusion that my need to share did not have to equal airing my dirty laundry to 700 of my acquaintances on a minute-by-minute basis. So I deleted it all. The entire Facebook history. Gone. Not an easy feat considering Facebook does not have a “Delete History” button. It took me weeks to delete every single timeline item one by one.

So where does that leave us? An urgent need to share, but a strong desire for not spamming people who could care less.

Well, there’s always my good home at inacove.com. This is my forum. If you are not interested in reading, don’t come here. If you don’t want to get updates, don’t subscribe. If you do want to know what’s going on, you know where to find me.


One comment on “I used to have a uJournal
  1. emjahay says:

    I also had one and have missed it for a long time was mad because I was never able to retrieve my stuff from it,

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