USS Enterprise Cake

USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise

I got a call from my mother the weekend before my father’s birthday asking me for tips on cake decorating. How am I to explain the art, the passion, the creativity, the imagination, the [insert more indescribable adjectives here], that it takes to decorate a cake? I told her to make the cake, and not to worry about decorations. I would bring down to New Jersey all the frosting/icing I had on hand, and she would not have to worry about a thing.

When I got there I came up with the PERFECT idea, considering that the shape of the cake my mother made was a bit… uhh… convex? It had a round top, ok? Not a flat one. So, I took one look at the icing colors I had brought, and the cake, and it was so obvious: THE ENTERPRISE!!!! I come from a family of Trekkies, so it just came to me.

Anyways, ideally you would use white frosting, but I used white icing. There is no way around writing such perfect words. You just need a toothpick, black icing, and a very steady hand.

As for the navigational deflector, that’s just gel icing. We used a flashlight to shine a light on it for pictures.

Not too shabby, huh? Considering it was a completely improvised project, I was very proud of this one!


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