Timeline: Brain Headlines

Welcome to my Brain

Welcome to my Brain

I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time! What you see here is the main headline in my brain for each day that I remember to come and fill this out.

What is a headline?

You know when you first get in the shower in the morning and you are trying to remember what was it that was consuming your life the night before, and then it all comes rushing to you: that person is mad at me, I forgot to finish that thing for work, did I go to bed mad at him last night? Am I still mad at him? Anyways, whatever gives you the most inquietude is your Headline for the day. Hopefully your headline gets resolved as the day goes by and other things start to take priority, but I consider that first “shower moment” to be the main headline for the day.

Here we go!

Date Mood Headline
12/20/2013 😕 Uneasy Can’t log into work email!!!
12/19/2013 🙁 Anxious Early flight to Vzla. Did i forget anything?
12/18/2013 😐 Calm Last day to pack for big trip.
12/17/2013 😀 Happy Recorded podcast last night!!!
12/16/2013 😕 Pensive Coworker issues.
12/15/2013 😐 Calm Christmas shopping. Packing for Venezuela trip.

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