Grandmothers and their Babies. Story of a Cake.

Owl & Elephant = Babies!

Owl & Elephant = Babies!

I really don’t understand why or how this happened, but when my baby was born he was showered by gifts that were elephant in theme. Elephant cards. Elephant stuffed animals.

When my niece was born, the same thing happened… this time with owls; but it was not random like mine was. My sister-in-law actually announced that her baby identified with owls. So there went the owl themed gifts and baby shower. This is when it started to click that perhaps all babies are associated to a cute little animal (if this is not true, please don’t tell me — I still don’t understand this, so it helps me to chuck it to a culture/tradition of some sort).

So, when grandmother’s birthday rolled around, I thought it natural to make a cake with both symbols on it. Most of the work came in drawing the figure with a toothpick and getting the sugar to neatly stay within the confines of the drawing. Since I don’t have sophisticated tools, this was the hardest part and I would never do it the way I did it again!!! But it turned out well enough! Grandmother was pleased, to say the least.


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