“5 Signs You’ll Get Cancer” by David Brownstein

Catchy title, ain’t it? Yup, that’s what I thought, too. You see, it was 7pm on a Sunday, baby was down, I had had dinner, my husband was watching Dr Who (a show I have absolutely no interest in), so what is a girl to do? Browse the internet.

Somehow in my click-surfing, I came across this video. Before you invest the 40 minutes the video requires to watch, let me give you some information:

  • You don’t have to watch it, I summarized my take-aways below. Note, I did not summarize the VIDEO, I summarized the things that caught my eye.
  • Dr David Brownstein has an impressive list of published books on holistic methods, nutrition and enhancing your immune system. See it here: DrBrownstein.com.
  • I had to constantly remind myself that he IS trying to sell something, so I had to take every word with a grain of unrefined organic sea salt. Despite his yellow-journalistic and alarmist style, I thought he had some good advice for us all.

    Good advice for us all

    • Don’t smoke. You’re an idiot.
    • Conventionally trained doctors are not trained on nutrition and prevention of disease, but more to treat them with medication/surgery. Seek holistic doctors that will help you get your immune system back in order naturally.
    • Iodine good. Bromine bad. Iodine is great for you because it helps cells in your body through their regular life-and-death cycle (so they don’t become cancerous). Avoid bromine, which apparently is in every food known to man. Bromine appears to counter the effects of iodine, so if you’re not getting enough iodine, and on top of that you’re getting bombarded with bromine, you are pretty much screwed.
    • Red meat doesn’t give you heart disease. Chemicals in red meat are the ones that are bad for you. Only consume certified organic beef, chicken, pork, fish, fruits and vegetables.
    • White refined sugar is the enemy of the State, while artificial sweeteners are Osama Bin Laden himself. Instead, use pure organic stevia, raw honey, or unrefined cane sugar.
    • How to eat yogurt. Buy plain yogurt and add natural fruit yourself.
    • Foods to avoid. white rice, white potatoes, cookies, cakes, chips, all processed food in boxes, bags or cans. Refined flours, oils and salts. Oils: canola, corn, margarine, cottonseed, soybean oils, or anything that says “Partially Hydrogenated” on the label. Salts: table salt.
    • Foods to eat. oatmeal, nuts, anything made with organic whole grain flours that have not been bromated, yams/sweet potatoes. Oils: organic butter, coconut oil, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Salts: organic unrefined sea salt.
    • Soy is good? Try NOT. Only fermented soy is good (found in miso and tempeh). Everything else is crap.
    • Get rid of heavy metals in your body. No doctor will test you for this, so you have to find yourself a holistic doctor who will agree. It’s supposed to make a huge difference in your well-being and your well-feeling. Metals to test for: mercury, nickel, arsenic, cadmium, lead and aluminum.
    • What’s mercury in? albacore tuna, swordfish, shark, mackerel, shellfish.
    • Watch your vitamins! Most common deficiencies: iodine, vitamin b12, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin b1, vitamin D, sulfur, zinc, chromium, potassium
    • The book they were trying to sell you. The Guide to Healthy Eating by Dr David Brownstein.


    So what did I get out of this? Well, that most likely I will be getting cancer along with everyone I know, unless I actually make a change. That was pretty much his point, so I guess I owe it to myself to make some adjustments? (I end that sentence with a question because I have not decided to do anything yet) This is just a good jumping off point to start figuring out better ways to nourish myself and my family. What about you?


    5 comments on ““5 Signs You’ll Get Cancer” by David Brownstein
    1. Christopher says:

      1. Nutritional or hormonal deficiency 2. Overweight or obese 3. Smoke or chew tobacco 4. Diet high in refined sugars and grains 5. High level of toxins in food, water, air, medicines (I would include hygiene products to and probably some others)

    2. Nils says:

      Ther first advice stands. The rest is questionable.

    3. Betty says:

      Thank you for your take a ways! No need to watch a video that pretty much tells us what we already know. Mos people take this info for granted…. By the way, your ending made me laugh. Awesome!

    4. I feel the same way, how do you make fudge with Stevia…….answer: YOU DON’T. We do try to watch what we we eat, as we are both disabled senior citizens, & my husbands health isn’t that good. He has Allahabad short list of foods he will eat, & very long list o things, he will not even consider. He would STARVE TOO DEATH, BEFORE HIS HEALTH ISSUES DO.

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